Air Freight Shipping Cost Calculator

How To Calculate The Shipping Cost Of Your Goods Delivered By Air

Do you want to know to know how much it will cost you to ship your goods by air?

Please follow the steps below to calculate the Shipping Cost of your Air Cargo:

  • First, find out the the weight of the package in Kilogram (kg) from your supplier.
  • Please convert the weight of your package into Kilogram (kg) if the weight is in other units of weight measurements (e.g. Gram)
  • Illustration: If your package is 100 grams, the you will divide the 100 by 1,000 which will give you 0.10 kg
  • Now that you know the weight of your package in Kilogram (Kg), you can proceed to find out your shipping or delivery cost.

Kindly use the Sea Shipping Cost Calculator below to estimate you delivery cost.

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Air Freight Cost Calculator
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